Monday, 8 October 2001

Colston Hall Bristol - 8th October 2001

Taped, Prepared + Torrented on DimeADozen 29/03/2006 by Beechwoods


Sony MZ-R50 Mini Disc Recorder, Sony ECM-MS907 Stereo Condenser Mic
Dead-centre balcony, half way back

Sony MDS-JE500 > Tascam CDRW-700 (Optical In) > CDr
EAC (Secure) > PC > Soundforge (Normalise, EQ, Track)
CDrWIN > EQ'd CD Master

.. 5 Years ..

EQ'd CD Master > xACT > Flac Level 8


Disc 1

1. Intro Drone
2. Cop Shoot Cop
3. Electricity
4. Shine A Light
5. Born Never Asked
6. Electric Mainline
7. Out Of Sight
8. On Fire
9. No God Only Religion
10. Take Your Time - Take Good Care Of It

Disc 2

1. Let It Flow
2. Won't Get To Heaven (The State I'm In)
3. Don't Just Do Something
4. Take Me To The Other Side
5. Come Together
6. Lord Can You Hear Me


Disc change between 'Take Your Time' and 'Let It Flow'. The first 20 seconds or so of 'Let It Flow' are missed.

This was one of the most amazing gigs of my life. I'd never seen Spiritualized live before, and the show was intense. I think this comes through on some of noise excursions evident on the recording! The light show was completely mesmeric... at one point - probably around 'Electric Mainline' - the hall was bathed in miniscule spots of spiralling white light, which seemed to lift me out of my chair with a most odd floating sensation, no doubt compounded by the very steep seating arrangement on the balcony, which allowed an amazing view of the stage, and a good perspective on the upstairs speakers either side. Feeling like you're falling while being firmly seated, while not on any expensive chemicals is a most odd experience...

Amusingly, there were plenty of security folk monitoring the audience for little red lights and whatever. This was a stealth recording with the mic on my knees, hidden by but protruding from a coat over the top. It's my favourite own-recording and I hope you like it. Shared and heard here for the first time since October 2001!

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