Friday, 21 November 2003

LA House of Blues New Orleans - Friday 21st November 2003

House of Blues, New Orleans
November 21, 2003
Quality: Audience, A-
Running Time: 125m

01. Pure Phase Intro
02. All Of My Tears
03. Electricity
04. Shine A Light
05. Walking With Jesus
06. Hold On
07. She Kissed Me (It Felt Like a Hit)
08. Lord Let It Rain On Me
09. Cheapster
10. Medication
11. Oh Baby
12. Lay It Down Slow
13. Never Goin' Back
14. The Ballad Of Richie Lee
15. Cop Shoot Cop...
16. Rated X
17. Run
18. Take Your Time
19. Smiles>Things'll Never Be The Same


all of my tears
shine a light
walking with jesus
hold on
she kissed me
lord let it rain on me
oh baby
lay it down slow
never going back
ballad of RL
cop shoot cop
rated x
take your time

set list by halo00

Artist: Spiritualized
Date: 21 November, 2003
Location: New Orleans, LA
Venue: House Of Blues
Source: Audience
Lineage: Master DAT>Fostex D-5>ADC Sound Shaper Thirty EQ>Fostex CR200>EAC V0.99 prebeta 5>flac
Taping Gear: Sonic Studios DSM-6(P) Mics>Sony TCD-D7
Taped and transferred by voxstarstream

Band Members: (additions/corrections welcome)
Jason Pierce - guitar, vocals
Tim Lewis (aka Thighpaulsandra) - keyboards
Doggen - guitar
John Coxon - bass
Kevin Bales - drums
(I can't remember if Tom Edwards was on the tour or not)

CD 1: (58:16)
1. intro
2. So Hot (All Of My Tears)
3. Electricity
4. Shine A Light
5. Walking With Jesus
6. Hold On
7. She Kissed Me (It Felt Like A Hit)
8. Lord Let It Rain On Me
9. Oh Baby

CD 2: (64:26)
1. Lay It Down Slow
2. Never Goin' Back
3. The Ballad Of Richie Lee
4. Cop Shoot Cop *
5. Rated X
6. Run
7. Take Your Time
8. Smiles
9. Things'll Never Be The Same

*w/ members of The Soledad Brothers

DAT Master audience recording - excellent quality (apart from minor "room boom" and the occasional audience chatter). Because the recording was made with those god-awful Sonic Studios mics, EQ was necessary to bring the overwhelming bass response in line.

Having celebrated his birthday two days prior, Jason was in fine form for this show. This was the "chair" tour; Jason sat down for all of the shows - the rest of the band stood. I managed to sneak my recorder into the venue easily, as the show was not exactly well-attended most of the security had gone home. During the show, my buddy "gfunksbrand" appeared in front of me and quietly offered me his glass pipe. I partook and got very, very stoned. Normally, I would be concerned but as I stated, most of the security was absent so I didn't worry about the pungent aroma being produced. After the show, I visited Jason backstage and gave him a little present: burns of the three volumes of "The Complete UPSETTER Singles Collection". He was pleased. So was I - it was a great show.

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