Wednesday, 14 January 2004

Cuba Galway Ireland - Wednesday 14th January 2004

Cuba, Galway, Ireland
January 14, 2004
Quality: Audience, B
Source: Minidisc>cdr
Running Time: 70:46 + 25:06

01. Electricity
02. Shine A Light
03. Walking With Jesus
04. She Kissed Me (It Felt Like a Hit)
05. Lord Let It Rain On Me
06. Oh Baby
07. Cheapster
08. Anything More
09. Let It Flow
10. The Ballad Of Richie Lee
11. Out Of Sight
12. Never Goin' Back
13. Broken Heart
14. I Think I'm In Love
15. Smiles>Things'll Never Be The Same


Shine a light
Walking with jesus
She kissed me (and it felt like a hit)
Lord let it rain on me
Oh baby
Anything more
Let it flow
Ballad of richie lee
Out of sight
Never goin' back
Broken heart
Think i'm in love

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