Thursday, 13 August 2009

Jason Spaceman Solo) Kilkenny Castle, Ireland August 13th 2009 download FLAC tufty

Spiritualized (Jason Spaceman Solo)
Kilkenny Castle, Ireland
August 13th 2009

Sony MiniDisc MZ-R30 + Core Sound Binaural Mics w/battery boxSony Discman -> SonicStage -> PC-> CD Wave Editor (Tracksplit + Save as Flac)-> you

01. Introduction
02. Loop 1
03. Loop 2
04. Applause/Outro

download complete FLACS here
313mb zipfile on megaupload

This is the master recording. If you are a fan of Spiritualized or the Spacemen 3 this show features no music by either of Jason Pierce's previous incarnations. Rather, this a free jazz improvisation in the spirit of his releases on the Treader Label (Guitar Loops and Spaceshipp). There are four flac files, an introduction, 2 files of music, and some applause after the set. The music, originally one single piece is split by the need to change MiniDisc at the time of recording. This is fairly challenging material to say the least, and although the recording is very clear I would suggest that this recording is for the hardcore Spacefans only.

A BCL Recording. Huge thanks to Olan for this + to Laz69 for uploading to megaupload.

If you enjoy this recording support the artist by attending their shows or buying their music.

Please do not sell this, but feel free to trade or share it.


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Hey. Can you please re-post this show to something other than Megaupload? Thanks!