Thursday, 15 August 1991

Commonwealth Institute London - August 15th 1991

Commonwealth Institute, London
August 15, 1991
Quality: Audience, B
Running Time: 45:15 + 45:20

01. Hypnotized
02. If I Were With Her Now
03. Anyway That You Want Me
04. Step Into The Breeze
05. Feelin' Just Fine (head full of shit)
06. Run
07. So Hot
08. Angel Sigh
09. Smiles
10. Take Your Time
11. Why Don't You Smile Now?
12. Things'll Never Be The Same


Commonwealth Institute London
15th August 1991

Master Audience Analogue Cassette (Sony TCS430 with clip on mic)/WAV/FLAC

If I Were With Her Now
Any Way That You Want Me
Step Into The Breeze
Feeling Just Fine (Head Full Of Shit)
All Of My Tears
Angel Sigh
Take Your Time
Things'll Never Be The Same

Pretty good sound

above bootleg info from here