Friday, 8 May 2009

Spiritualized The Assembly-Leamington Spa UK-Friday 8th May 2009

setlist + ticket pics thanks to Max H

The Assembly
Leamington Spa
8th May 2009

Lineage: Church Audio STC-11 mics>Microphone Madness MM-CBM-MINI Battery Box>iRiver iHP-120 (Rockboxed)

Transfer: iRiver iHP-120> usb > wav > Audacity 1.3beta (Amplify, Fade-in/fade-out)>CD Wave (Track splits)>FLAC


1.Amazing Grace
2.You Lie You Cheat
3.Shine a Light
5.Soul on Fire
6.Sweet Talk
7.Sitting On Fire
8.Walking With Jesus
9.Oh Baby
10.Rated X
11.I Think I'm In Love
12.Life is a Problem
13.Ladies & Gentlemen
14.Lay Back in the Sun
15.Take Your Time
16.Come Together
17.Take Me To The Other Side
18.Encore Break
19.Lord Can You Hear Me


2nd row back, level with left side of stage.


Bit of crowd chatter during the quiet parts, nothing too bad.