Sunday, 28 June 1998

Glastonbury Festival - June 28th 1998

Glastonbury Festival
June 28, 1998
Quality: Soundboard, A
Running Time: 44:53

01. Electric Mainline
02. Electricity
03. Home Of The Brave
04. Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
05. Broken Heart
06. Come Together
07. I Think I'm In Love
08. Oh Happy Day

DVD release info
Spiritualized Glastonbury Festival Pilton Somerset UK 1998-6-28
256kb/s AC3 BITRATE 9214 MPEG2 FRAMERATE 25000 720X576 3248MB


1. Electric Mainline
2. Electricity
3. Home Of The Brave
4. Ladies And Gentlemen
5. Broken Heart
6. Come Together
7. I Think I'm In Love
8. Oh Happy Day

I got this concert on a vhs that I was sent because it had David Bowie's Cracked actor on
it and the then owner could no longer play VHS. As a lucky accident this has few peers as far
as I can see right now. I don't know the band's work as well as I possibly ought but this looks
like it must be something of a peak. very excilerating show.
This has been edited in as much as Jools Holland appeared on the tape bookending ad breaks
and has been cut out of here. I think apart from that this is the BBC footage as shown at
the time. It must have been reshown on UK Arena the shortlived forerunner of UKTV Drama hence
the logo appearing in the top left hand corner of the picture.

Thanks to Stevolende!

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