Monday, 19 May 2008

Spiritualized Plug Sheffield - Monday 19th May 2008

You Lie You Cheat
Shine A Light
Lord, Let It Rain On Me
Soul On Fire
Let It Flow
Walkin With Jesus
Oh Baby
Sweet Talk
She Kissed Me
Rated X
Sitting On Fire
Take Your Time
Come Together
Take Me To The Otherside

Think I'm In Love
Lord, Can You Here Me.

I thought this was a great night, many highpoints , my personal favourite was let it flow which was sublime.

These are wave files so will take a little longer to download but not nearly as long as it took for me to upload them. :D

I kept you lie you cheat and shine a light as one track, as well as come together and take me too the otherside as thats how the band played it.

Hope you enjoy...


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