Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Spiritualized - La Trastienda, Buenos Aires, Argentina - 29th October 2008 - setlist

Live @ La Tracienda (
La Trastienda)
Buenos Aires

Second row of tables - Far left
Edirol R-09 - 16 bit 44.1 kHz WAV
Church Audio Cardioid Recording Mics clipped to collar of shirt.
Left/Right channel swapped with Audacity (to match actual location of lapel mics)
Flac files created using MacFlac

I did have some clipping during very loud segments.
I tried to minimize this by placing my hands 3-4 inches in front of the mics.
This resulted in a slight muddying of the sound (only a few seconds--maybe 30 total).
Other than that mistake I think it's a great recording.

I included four pics from the show

Track list:
00-(preshow feedback)
01-Amazing Grace
02-You Lie You Cheat
05-Soul On Fire
06-Sweet Talk
07-Sitting On Fire
08-Walkin' With Jesus
09-Oh Baby
10-Rated X
11-Think I'm In Love
12-Good Dope, Good Fun
13-Death Take Your Fiddle
14-Life's A Problem
15-Ladies & Gentlemen
16-She Kissed Me
17-Come Together
18-Take Me To The Other Side
19-(clapping for encore)
20-Lord Can You Hear Me?
21-Oh Happy Day

Thanks to todehls


Unknown said...

Thanks fot the concerts, But the Club in Buenos aires is "La Trastienda".



Nicolás Pichersky said...


I can´t find the link to download it: where is it???


astonG said...

hey link for download...