Monday, 10 October 2011

Spiritualized - 2011-10-10 - Leamington Spa Assembly Hall - 10th October 2011 - setlist

The Assembly
Leamington Spa
10th October 2011

Lineage: Church Audio CA11 mics > Microphone Madness MM-CBM-MINI Battery Box >iRiver iHP-120 (Rockboxed)

Transfer: iRiver iHP-120> usb > wav > flac

Processing: (kindly done by They Transmit from the Spiritualized forum, many thanks to him for offering his services)Ableton > levelled via Izotope Ozone 4> Neve MMC desk to sort everything else out (dynamic eq, stereo widening and a little overall compression and levelling).

Split using CD Wave (Track splits)>FLAC


CD 1
1.Hey Jane
2.Little Girl
3.Get What You Deserve
4.Too Late
5.Heading For The Top
7.I Am What I Am
8.Won't Get To Heaven
10.Dio C'e

CD 2
13.Shine A Light
14.Good Times > Take Me To The Other Side.
15.Oh Happy Day


4th row back, just inboard of left edge of stage

Song titles based on those shown on a photo of the Edinburgh setlist.

Fades in and out at the end of each CD during encore break.

I usually just normalise and split shows, but as someone offered to master this I was happy to let them do it. However, if anyone would like the unmastered, but tidied version (i.e normalised, split, mic knocks fixed, fades) I'd be happy to post that sometime.

This show was originally scheduled for the previous week but got moved.
taper - PontiacB

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